What is Discover Summer Academy?

Discover Summer Academy is a week-long event where high-school students can learn from tutors who have studied at well-known universities all around the world and are eager to share their passion. Discover Summer Academy offers a wide range of courses rich in experiments, discussions, and simulations. Participants can then explore fields which they simply find fascinating or fields that they consider for their future studies.


In the morning you will attend two courses of your choice, ranging from biology and law, through to robotics or quantum physics, to dance and photography. Do you want to know whether humans can erase memories? Or if the government could technically torture its citizens? Simply pick your course.

In the afternoon, workshops will broaden your horizons and sports and evening activities will help you relax. You can explore famous psychological experiments, debate about feminism or racism, play frisbee or volleyball, sing at the campfire, and explore summer sky constellations. Interesting people and stimulating conversations will make Discover Summer Academy the best week of your summer!

It is important for us that every curious student can participate in Discover Summer Academy, regardless of their social background. Take a look at our scholarship opportunities.