Discover Alumni Reunion

About us

Discover Alumni Reunion emerged as a continuation of Discover Summer Academy with the intention to unite its alumni. But from its very first session, we were joined by those who had never attended Discover, but who shared its values.

What is DAR like?

What is DAR like?

Reunion is a combination of morning symposia, afternoon workshops, and informal evening activities. In addition, each year we also welcome a few external guests from different fields with whom we engage in interesting panel discussions or lectures.

Morning symposia

Morning symposia consist of 20-minute lectures. Throughout the event, all participants rotate in delivering their presentations, making us students and lecturers at the same time. The aim of the symposia is to introduce a topic or a project that the presenter is currently working on, either at work, in school, or in their free time.


Workshops can build on the symposion presentations, but imagination has no limits and workshops can concern virtually any topic. For example, we have had a workshop on starting a business, a lesson on foreign languages, juggling, a yoga class, and even one on how to run up a hill.


Among other activities, we play board games, go hiking to Sidorovka, go rock-climbing, have an evening barbecue, organise night treasure hunts and hold long and inspiring discussions.

Key information 2021

Don’t hesitate and apply, the number of spots for the best week of your summer is limited! We look forward to seeing you!

Org. team of DAR 2021